Monday, January 17, 2011

Book Review: Decision Points

Ok, this one might be a little touchy, especially if you really follow politics.  I just finished George W. Bush's memoir, Decision Points.  I'm a Republican, just gonna throw that out there.  I am a fan of GW, I think he did a great job protecting our country.  I really enjoyed this book.  I feel like I actually learned something from it.  I learned more about how the government works.  I really like the way he wrote the book as well.  It's not all outlines the important and sometimes unpopular decisions that he made and why he made those decisions.  Every decision came about through lots of facts and research.  He explains where the country was at the time of these decisions.  The biggest eye-opener for me was the Hurricane Katrina response.  He got a lot of slack for the way he handled it.  Guess wasn't his job to handle it.  He tried to take it over and help, but the state governor is responsible for asking the federal government for help and she refused to do it.  By law, he was not allowed to intervene without a request from the state.  Needless to say, she's no longer governor.  That one made me say, "See?  It wasn't his fault people!"  Well, whether you're a supporter or not, I highly recommend that you read this book.  It really explains a lot and he even calls people out on their bad decision points.  It's very good!!

Now I'm onto the 14th book in a vampire series that I adore...the Argeneau Vampires.  I'm starting Hungry for You, which just came out recently.  Then, next week we'll be having our first book club meeting and discussing Little Bee and the next book will be chosen.  Can't wait to find out what it will be!  What are YOU reading right now?


  1. I'm reading a fictional book called "Lady Killer" by Lisa Scottoline. It's pretty good so far. Its about a woman who becomes a successful lawyer and one day a the girl that use to bully her in HS comes in the office asking for help from her abusive mob boyfriend. Despite her efforts to help her ex-bully, the ex-bully winds up missing and the lawyer is on a mission to find out what happened to her.

    It's so cool that you're in a book club!

  2. I will put this on my goodreads list for this summer. Whether a person agrees with the President's decision making or not, it is definitely good to understand why he made the decisions he did.