Monday, January 30, 2012

Don't Mess with My Technology

I'm blogging from my iPhone right now. My computer decided it doesn't like me anymore and crashed. Something got on it and it's unusable. So that means all my pictures are not accessible, which is putting my scrapbooking on hold. The silver lining is that we might be getting a Mac desktop that I've been begging for. So while it's annoying and I'm freaking out about not having a computer, we finally get to upgrade our desktop. So I'll be absent until we actually do get one, we're in the research stage right now. I'm keeping diligent notes on my PL weeks and doing what I can without pictures so I don't get too far behind. Hope you all have a great week and thanks for being patient!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 3

This week was a little difficult.  I didn't have a lot of pictures to share.  I just rolled with it and ended up doing A LOT of journaling, which I'm ok with.  I didn't have a ton of pictures, but I did have a lot of stories, so I focused on telling them.

The biggest thing for me this week was going to a Tool concert.  It was AMAZING!  

I got a copy of the setlist from the concert and stamped out the songs they played in  order.

I saw an image from MaryAnn Perry's PL where she printed pictures of movie posters so she would remember the movie years from now.  Love that tip!

Caylan and I jumped in a photobooth at the mall.  That was fun!
I'm so loving this project!  I love treating each little slot like it's own mini layout.  I love looking back on our weeks and seeing what memories we made!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 2

I thought that I would be struggling to find things to put into my Project Life album each week.  So far it's been really easy to pick and choose what I want to include and what can wait.  Granted, it's only the second week, but it's been easy.  I know there will come some weeks when I don't have much to share.  I plan to start a list of things I can use during those weeks to fill in gaps when I need to.  Stories that don't necessarily need to go with a certain week.  Here's my second week:
I used one insert - an 8.5 x 11 of a picture my daughter colored.  I added her name and date on the bottom of the picture.

For the far left center - I used a 3x4 grid journal card and lightly sprayed it with the color spray paint I used on my project.

The two empty slots on the center right are going to hold a metro ticket that Josh used in StL and his ticket stub for the Arch.  As soon as he mails those to me, I'll put them in.

The center square with the tag talks about mailing Josh our first package.  I included the date stamp from the Post Office from the customs form.
I am really enjoying this process and love sharing all the little things that we don't normally think about on a regular basis.  I know Caylan will laugh when she looks back and sees that she wanted to put Christmas cookie sprinkles on her pizza....and I let her!

Friday, January 13, 2012


I did a very cool project this week that I absolutely LOVE!  I was on a mad hunt for this storage piece at Harbor Freight Tools after reading what Shanna did with it.  She posted it on Studio Calico and she started a revolution!  Everyone went out to get one and now the company is backed up on them until April!  I had to drive about 45 minutes north to get mine, but so worth it!  It's basic black, but I got some spray paint to jazz it up and it goes with my scrap room really well.  Here's what I used:
 Storage bin, two bottles of Tropical Oasis spray paint and metal pain primer from Lowe's.
I started by putting the layers together first.  Got that tip from the message boards.  If you paint before starting assembly, the paint chips off from banging, screws, etc.  After assembling the separate layers, I painted a layer of primer.  Then added about 4 thin coats of spray paint until it was completely covered.  Took a while with drying time, but so pretty!
 After putting it together, I added some black woodgrain washi tape from the Studio Calico January kit along the edges of the tiers.  My scrap room color scheme is teal/black/white, as you can probably see!

And here it is all full of yummy products!  I love that I can just reach over and grab what I need.  I plan to keep tapes, mists, inks, stuff like that in here.  I'm also going to keep some random small things that I'd like to use.  I'll keep adding product as I use things so I can be sure my products don't get lost in everything else I have.  This thing holds so much!  Love it!

Here are a couple more of these bins that people have done:
Kinsey Wilson

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Cover Page

Here is my cover page for my Project Life album.  I love the pre-printed cards.  Literally just added a couple of details and slipped them in.  Took no time at all!
I'm using the Turquoise core kit from Becky Higgins (which is currently unavailable) for my album this year, along with random things from my stash.  My album is a We-R-Memory Keepers 12x12 leather album in Vanilla.  I will probably need to order another one as many albums I see are filling up quickly and need two or even three albums depending on how much you include.  I'm gearing up for week 2 and getting some organizing going for that.  Loving this project!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 1

*My title page is STILL not complete.  My Studio Calico box came late and there was no good light, so I'll get a picture tomorrow and post about it then!

Week 1: And I'm hooked!  I absolutely loved working on this.  I love collecting little pieces from our everyday.  I loved decided what to include and what could be left out.  I loved recording little bits from our everyday lives that we normally don't even think about.  This was a big week for us including an ear piercing, starting a dance class, and leaving for a deployment.
Here's how it looks in the album.  I'll work on getting straighter pictures!

I wanted to really capture our family goals this year.  I'll point out  when we meet some of these goals as the year goes on.

The tag is from my husband's office.  I love when he brings me things I can use in my scrapbooks!  I stamped the AF logo with a wood-mounted stamp I have.

A couple of things I learned this first week is that I need to write on my planner with pencil!  I did a lot of switching as I was planning my placements.  I learned that I need to print pictures throughout the week so I don't spend an hour editing and printing pictures when all I want to do is sit down and create.  I also learned to take a few minutes here and there when I can and do some journaling, or embellish a card.  Any little bit helps, especially with two young children and not a lot of free time to sit and work.

But I'm absolutely hooked!  I love the process and how easy and NOT intimidating it is.  Title page post coming tomorrow!

Are you doing a Project Life album?  If so, please link me up, I'd love to see it!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Stay Tuned...

Happy Monday everyone!  Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I finished my title page and my first week of Project Life.  I'm waiting on one item to complete my title page (coming from Studio Calico in the mail tomorrow), then I will be posting both pages tomorrow night....I PROMISE!

I'm starting work on my One Little Word album today as well and will be sharing that, and my word, later this week.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcoming 2012

Happy 2012!  I'm so excited for this year to get started.  I have two projects in the works right now: Project Life and One Little Word.  I haven't gotten a huge jump start yet because my husband is leaving for a deployment on Sunday, so most of my free time is spent with my family right now.  That being said, I'm planning two big posts focusing on these projects for next week.  I do have my cover page for PL done and I'm working on our first week (which will end on Sunday, when my hubby leaves).  Stay tuned for those posts!

I'm signing up for an Amy Tan class that will be offered through Studio Calico for the month of February.  My number one gift wish for Christmas was a subscription to Studio Calico, which my husband got for me!  Amy is teaching a class on how to stretch and use your kits up every month.  I really feel like this will be great because I'll be getting a new kit each month and I don't want them to outlast me!  Very excited for this class.  Anyone else taking it?

I'm also planning to revamp my blog.  It's a little....blah.  That's something that will be a focus for me in the next coming weeks.  Hopefully by the end of January it will be a lot prettier!

So be prepared for a lot of good blog posting, a new look, and some awesome new projects in 2012!  What projects do YOU have planned for this year?