Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 3

This week was a little difficult.  I didn't have a lot of pictures to share.  I just rolled with it and ended up doing A LOT of journaling, which I'm ok with.  I didn't have a ton of pictures, but I did have a lot of stories, so I focused on telling them.

The biggest thing for me this week was going to a Tool concert.  It was AMAZING!  

I got a copy of the setlist from the concert and stamped out the songs they played in  order.

I saw an image from MaryAnn Perry's PL where she printed pictures of movie posters so she would remember the movie years from now.  Love that tip!

Caylan and I jumped in a photobooth at the mall.  That was fun!
I'm so loving this project!  I love treating each little slot like it's own mini layout.  I love looking back on our weeks and seeing what memories we made!


  1. Love the bits about the concert. Looks like a really interesting week.

  2. Wow bet that gig was amazing, I'm very jealous! Really need them to come back to the UK...