Friday, January 21, 2011

Let's Talk Books

Ok, so I finished Hungry for You pretty quickly...3 days.  I figured I'd read that one fairly fast so there it is.  And I loved every single word of it.  What I wasn't expecting was the read the next book I chose in 2 days....2 DAYS!  That's just crazy.  I'm a fast reader and all, but geez. 

The book I read so ridiculously fast was Shaken by JA Konrath.  I believed I've talked about him before, but allow me to again.  He is the most sick, twisted, sadistic...genius author there is.  Seriously, he's brilliant.  He writes a series called The Jack Daniels series (Shaken is the latest installment) and it's fantastic.  My sister started reading them and then bugged me until I finally started.  Once I started, it was just over.  I sped through those books like it was nothing.  The background of the series is that Jack (Jacqueline) Daniels is a detective in Chicago and she focuses on homicide, which in turn she ends up hunting a lot of serial killers.  The stuff Konrath comes up is just sick, but it's so interesting and actually makes sense.  The killers in his books are serious monsters, no mercy, really twisted people.  At the end of Shaken, Konrath writes a note to the reader about a new character that pops up at the end of the book.  Turns out that character was created by Blake Crouch, a fellow thriller author.  They are collaborating and having Jack Daniels face off against this other character in the last book of the series.  Let's pause for a moment here because I was very sad to hear that the series is ending.....   So now I want to go back and read the books by Blake Crouch to get the background on this new character, who just happens to be a serial killer as well.  If you have the stomach for it, you seriously need to get these books and read them right away.  Here's a link to a page that has all of JA Konrath's work and the order that they're in.  Go read ALL of it!  Seriously!!!

Ok, on to the next book.  Next, I'm reading another book in another series that I really enjoy, The Dresden Files.  The next book for me is Death Masks.  The Dresden Files series follows a man named Harry Dresden, who works with the police department in Chicago.  Oh, and he just happens to be a wizard.  So he specializes in the supernatural crimes in the city.  If you like supernatural fantasy type stuff, you'll love this series.  He deals with fairies, goblins, vampires, demons...all sorts of stuff.  And he's just plain adorable.  So I'm off to start Death Masks.  Let's see how quickly I can read it!

Do you have a book series that you really enjoy?  Tell me about it!

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