Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years

Ten years ago.  I can't believe it's been ten years.  When I think of that day, my heart feels heavy and my eyes tear up.  Every time.  And if there's images on tv about it...forget it, I'm a goner!  I remember exactly where I was on that day: I was doing my student teaching in Pensacola, FL.  I taught fifth grade.  My supervising teacher took the kids down to music class and she came running in the classroom and said, "Did you hear what's happening?  People are dying!"  I was super confused while she turned on the tv in the classroom.  We watched in horror as the details developed.  The rest of the school day was cancelled while we all stayed in the classrooms and watched what was going on.  The kids didn't really understand it.  One girl did come over to my desk and asked me a heart-wretching question.  She asked, "Why are they doing this to us?"  And I couldn't answer her.  My eyes teared up and I told her I didn't know while she hugged my neck sadly.  How do you explain something like that to a child?  The most vivid image I have of that day is watching people actually jumping from the buildings.  I can't begin to imagine what they were feeling.  It breaks my heart to this day.

8 months after the planes hit, my husband joined the Air Force.  It was a hard decision, but easy at the same time.  I was proud of him for wanting to serve his country.  On the flip side, I knew he'd be going to war.  And he has, three times.  I'm so proud of be a military wife and knowing that my husband is fighting to help keep our country safe is so humbling and satifying.  With all of our faults and political disputes, we're still the best country on Earth!  Part of which was proven when we finally found and took out Osama bin Laden.  My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims and the families of that fateful day in 2001.

We will never forget.
*This video was made by a co-worker while my husband was working at Travis AFB in California.  He was an in-air refueler on the KC-10.  This is what his squadron did and the video was made for our annual holiday party, celebrating the year.  My hubby is in his blues uniform with two other guys, on the far left side.  The bald one (he has grown his hair out now!).  And I'm with a group of ladies towards the end, in the orange top on the far right (while I was pregnant with our first daughter).  Enjoy!

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