Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November: Currently

Reading a good sci-fi book for our next book club meeting and really enjoying it.

Needing to finish my mini books for the Spouse Home Business Expo this coming weekend.

Trying to stay away from the Halloween candy in our house right now.  Unsuccessfully.

Planning so many big projects: December Daily, Project Life 2012, selling ready-made albums on ETSY.

Thinking about Christmas gifts to send to family (all gift cards though - I refuse to pay more in shipping than on actual gifts)

Really needing to upload and share photos from our San Diego trip and Halloween.

Wishing my girls weren't growing up so quickly!

Looking forward to my mother-in-law visiting for Thanksgiving.

Also needing to get my coupon binder organized and my grocery list ready.

Being very busy with an ever-growing To Do list and Want To Do list. 

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