Monday, November 24, 2014

Say hello to my new favorite holiday album!

Each year I get so excited to listen to holiday music and see who releases holiday albums.  This year, two really stuck out at me.

First, Pentatonix...holy crap!  I saw this video floating around Facebook and when I watched it, I just cried like a a baby.  I immediately went and downloaded the whole album and it's just so so good!  I have a feeling this will be a go-to holiday album for me for a long time!  Here's the video:

Second, I love love love Idina Menzel.  Her voice is just magic.  When I saw she had a holiday album this year, I jumped right in.  And then I saw this video and just smiled through the whole thing.  Love!

I will also be pulling out this album from last year that is one of my favorites as well!  Time to heat up some hot chocolate and get into the holiday spirit!  What are your favorite holiday albums?

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