Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone!  I hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday season!  I'm traveling to Florida to visit my family for three weeks starting tomorrow, so I won't be posting as often, although I will try to pop in a couple of times.  I won't be on again until after Christmas, so MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!  Ok, onto the December Daily updates:

I also had my first OB appointment today and everything looks great!  I'm 8 weeks and 1 day today.  We did a vaginal ultrasound and I was able to see my little peanut and see the heartbeat.  So exciting!  My due date is July 31, but if I have another C-section (which I probably will), we'll schedule it at 39 weeks, so we're still looking towards the end of July. 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season!

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