Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project Life: Week 11-14

Welcome to Weeks 11 through 14.  Here we go:

Week 11
This week we headed home (with lots of travel drama).

My sorority sister got married in Scottsdale this weekend.  I got to go and meet up with some great friends.  It was a wonderful reunion!

Week 12
This week consisted of lots of getting back on schedule and getting back to normal.

And Layla started crawling.  YIKES!

Week 13
Got caught up on some project this week.

     Had some Easter fun and went to see The Hunger Games.

Week 14

I'll be back tomorrow with weeks 15 through 18!

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  1. Lovely, clean layouts you have here! I actually need to catch up on the first 14 weeks of this year as I only began PL in April!
    Ronnie xo