Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project Life: Weeks 19-21

Thanks for sticking with me so far.  Here's the last of my AH! I GOTTA CATCH UP blog posts.  Here's weeks 19 through 21:

Week 19
We did some fun shopping to get ready for our anniversary trip!

For Mother's Day, Josh and Caylan got me a pearl necklace.  They were able to choose the oysters, watch the pearls come out, choose a setting and they made the necklace right there.  Josh took pictures of the whole thing and included them in my card (sized for my album - seriously, how awesome is he?).  It was the best present EVER!

Week 20

Friends of our got married this week - one year out from their big wedding - they just decided to make it official at the courthouse.  The big wedding will be next year in Texas.  They asked us to be there and it was such an honor.

We went to a birthday party - the blank spot on the bottom will hold a good picture of Caylan with her friend Rhyleigh when a get a copy from the party.

Week 21

Book club, gymnastics, lunch with a friend and triple digit weather.

A BBQ, signing up for pre-school, good beer and an impromptu dance party.

And now, I'm officially all caught up!  Tonight, my mother-in-law flies in.  The rest of this week will consist of family time, Caylan's first dance recital....and then we leave on Sunday for our vacation!  I'll be back after that with more Project Life and a list of goals to focus on.  I'll be making that list in the Bahamas when my mind is clear and I can reflect and focus on what I want and what's important.  Everyone have a wonderful week and I'll be back soon!

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