Sunday, July 29, 2012

Book Review: Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

Today, it started raining.  We had a pretty good storm and in Tucson, that's a blessing!  I took advantage of the weather and sat down to finish my book, Deadlocked.  It's the 12th novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series, which the True Blood show on HBO is based on.  Now, if you haven't followed either, or just one of the series...they are VERY different.  There are lots of things in the show that are different from the book and it can be hard to remember which realities go with which series.  You have to be willing to let them be their own concepts.  But I do love them both. 

Deadlocked is really good.  There were a few slow parts, but the last few pages blew. my. mind.  My mouth was literally hanging open.  I won't give anything away, but I really enjoyed this latest edition of the series.  And I'm always happy to feed into my Eric Northman obsession admiration.

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