Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nailed It!

Have you seen these posts on Pinterest?
 Ah - I love it!  I'm starting a series of posts about the Pinterest projects I do, recipes I make (hopefully with better results than that!), and scrapbook pages that I make based on Pinterest inspiration.  I'm calling the series "Nailed It!"  And this is the first one.

My friend and scrapper extraordinaire, Shanna Noel, just started a new blog and challenged her readers to complete a Pinterest inspired project.  Unfortunately, my schedule didn't allow for me to get too creative, but I did make a recipe.  For book club this week, we all brought Italian inspired dishes.  I had this recipe for caprese skewers pinned and really wanted to make it.  I just so happen to be basil-plant-sitting for a friend who's out of tow for a couple of weeks and she said I could help myself.  So I did.  Simplest ingredients: grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella (cubed), fresh basil leaves (chopped) olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Instead of doing the skewers, I dumped it all in a bowl and made a salad.  I took along the oil and balsamic so it didn't get too greasy on the drive over. I also added fresh Parmesan shavings, which I tend to pop in my mouth and snack on.  Dangerous.  It was very fresh and good and everyone enjoyed it.  Nailed it!

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