Friday, February 11, 2011

Adventures in Couponing - Organization (part 2)

*Please read the previous post and view video before reading and viewing this one!

And here is the video for my binder.  No disclaimers on this one, it's pretty good.

When I tried to put the video directly into the post, Blogger informed me that I didn't have enough space to post it.  I guess it's because the video is so long.  Therefore, I've uploaded it to YouTube so everyone can view it and I'll leave my intro video just for my awesome blog readers.  So, here's the link for my binder video:

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that I also like the binder idea because I can take it to the store with me easily.  That way, I have all my coupons and if something pops up on sale or clearance that wasn't in the weekly add, I can use a coupon I have and it's all there for me.  We'll see how it goes when taking my daughter by myself to the store.  It will probably be a process and I'll probably be fighting others for those carts with the plastic cars on front so I can go through my binder easily if needed.  I'll just hit them with my coupon binder...double duty!

Next week, I will post my first coupon grocery shopping experience.  I have some great deals lined up so I'll share how I used the coupons and how much I ended up saving overall.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Good posts and videos Sarah! I love how organized you are! I think you were great! Awesome ideas, I think I'll use some of them. :-) Thanks for sharing

  2. I comment inyour first coupon post..... but just want to add....OMG you are so organize!!! mine way is much to simple LOL I have a little school binder (6"x 2 1/2") that I can fit in my purse....I get the sunday newspaper and look for the store ads that I like to for example the things I need that are on sale + I know I have coupons ....then look for the coupons and clip it in the ad...same thing for all the store I like ....if the sale+coupons are good I go to all of the (they are pretty close to my home and each other) otherways I just go to the ones with the better sale+coupons you understand me?? sorry but my english writting isn't great :(

  3. Just want to add...thanks for the posting of the videos if helps a lot to know different ways to save with the coupons :)