Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nesting and Purging and Organizing and Nesting

The nesting phase has most definitely hit.  I got the urge to start going through things and getting rid of stuff and organizing.  Luckily, I've been saving a big project for when I started my nesting.  My scrap room.  I have a lot of stuff!  Most of it is already organized, I just need to purge.  So that's my project this week.  I started today on patterned paper.  Oh boy.  I have a lot of paper.  A. Lot.  I went through it for almost two hours today and I'm not even done yet.  My back needed a break!  This week I will tackle a few items a day and start purging.  This weekend I will get some gift packs together full of random paper and embellishments that I've decided to pass on.  As soon as everything is put together, I will do a giveaway and choose winners to receive the boxes completely free!  So stay tuned.  It will either happen this weekend or early next week. 

For all those mothers and preggos: Did you have an intense nesting phase?  What did you tackle?  With my daughter, I cleaned out our back shed and purged and cleaned it.  My husband was amazed when he got home and found me knee deep in our shed containers!


  1. Myself in my first pregnancy besides getting the nursery ready didn't do much nesting and in my second I got the cleaning urge LOL..... good luck with your cleaning, nesting and purging :)

  2. I got nothing in the second but in the first I went mad in the garden. I put in loads of bedding plants and created pretty pots and weeded a border then planted that up too. The'd all wilted by the time I came out of hospital so I had my second baby at home ;-) Good luck with the nesting and sending you good labour vibes xx