Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adventures in Couponing - A Hectic, but Successful Day

So, we went shopping today for some groceries and deals.  Let's just say...we survived.  It took a long time and we kept getting frustrated.  Big shout out to my awesome husband for being patient with me!  Ok, here's how it went down: we went to CVS, Walgreens, Fry's and Safeway.  Here's the breakdown.

CVS:  I had three checkouts today at CVS in order to use my Extra Care Bucks (ECB's) that I got for buying certain items.  Luckily, the cashiers at my local CVS are so sweet and patient and understand that a girl just needs to save some money!
First transaction:  Bought Physician's Formula Organic Mascara for $10.49 (received $7 in ECB's)
Second transaction: Bought Men's Dove deoderant which were 2 for $7, Crest Pro-Whitening toothpaste for $3.29 (received $3.29 ECB's).  I used my $7 in ECB's from the first transaction to help pay for it, which made both of the deoderants FREE!!!  That helps since my hubby needs to stock up on personal care stuff for his upcoming deployment.
Third transaction: Bought 2 Colgate 360 toothbrushes, which were Buy One Get One Half Off.  I had a 75 cent off one coupon that I used and I used the $3.29 in ECB's from the previous transaction.

Overall I spent $19.14 and Saved $16.82!  Almost half, pretty good!  Basically, I got two free deoderants, free toothpaste and two toothbrushes for $1.73 each.  I had to buy the mascara full price, but it was worth it to get the ECB's and I'll use it.  Good trip!

Walgreens:  I had two checkouts at Walgreens today.  I made sure to group all the items that I would receive Register Rewards (RR) for in one transaction and then turned around and used them in the second transaction.
First transaction: Pull-Ups (on sale for $8.99 and received $2 in RR) and used a $2.00 off coupon I had, Baby Magic Hair and Body Wash (upcoming baby and all...$3 and received $3 in RR), Colgate Total toothpaste $2.99 (received $2.99 RR).
Second transaction: Neutrogena Naturals face wash were Buy One Get One Half Off and I had $1.00 of coupon for one, Excedrin was Buy One Get One Half Off and I had two coupons to use - one for 75 cents off 20 ct or larger and one $1.50 off 80 ct or larger.  We also picked up some Walgreens brand thermometer covers since we ran out.  I used all of my RR from the previous transaction on this one.

Overall I spent $35.07 and Saved $26.14!  Close to half there as well.  Basically I got Colgate toothpaste for free, Baby Magic wash for free, Pull-Ups for 4.99 and discounts on face wash and Excedrin, which are both pricey.

Safeway:  It was a good day in Safeway.  I won't go through everything obviously, but a few deals I got were Buy One Get One Free Round Roasts, Doritos were B1G1 Free, and everything was either on sale or used with a coupon or both. 

Overall I spent $55.21 and Saved $49.38!  Woo hoo, almost half again!

Fry's: Fry's was a big trip.  Most things were either on sale, with a coupon or both, but not quite everything.  We tried to buy a cheap as possible and scored some great deals including B1B1 Free Pork Chops, Free Ice Cream with a Fry's coupon that was mailed to me, and got a free AirWick Warmer plug-in when I bought a refill, which I had a coupon for as well.

Overall I spent $154.60 and Saved $93.41!  Pretty darn good and we're fed for two weeks!

Despite the long shopping day and the frustration, it was worth saving all that money!  Have you started couponing yet?  I'd love to hear your adventures!

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