Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blog Award!

I just got this blogger award from Mary Ellen over at her Southern Moments blog.  Thanks so much Mary!  Totally made my day.  Now, it is my job to award 8 other bloggers that I've recently discovered and then to share 8 things about myself.  Here it goes:

Blogs I love:
1. Over the Rainbow
2. Threaded Together
3. Memories in Thyme
4. Two Kids and a Map
5. My Scrapbooking Journey
6. Like a Lemon to a Lime and a Lime to a Lemon
7. In a Creative Bubble
8. A Scrappin Nana

Stuff about me:
1.  I read books constantly.  I'm never NOT reading a book.
2.  I'm getting ready to announce something big this weekend.  Stay tuned!
3.  My credit card will take a beating with all the scrapbooking sales and Studio Calico reveal this weekend.  At least I don't have to leave my house.
4.  I'm a little too excited to curl up and watch Christmas movies this year.
5.  I can't wait for my trip home to spend the holidays with my family and my new nephew Matthew, due to make his appearance any day now.
6.  I have so many ideas for scrapping, I feel like my head will explode.
7.  I'm getting the first season of Modern Family on Netflix soon and I'm so excited!
8.  I'm hungry...gotta go eat!

For those of you I passed the award on to: please copy and paste the award on your own blog, pass it on to 8 others, and share 8 things about you.

I won't be on tomorrow, so I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!  Please don't run over anyone while shopping!  I'll be back something this weekend for an exciting announcement.  Take care everyone!


  1. Aw thank you so much, Sarah! I have to pass it on! I so appreciate the bloggy love:) And congrats again on your new baby on the way!

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