Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goodbye October

You were a very fun and busy month.  Filled with birthdays, Octoberfests, Disney characters and Halloween goodness.  I'm glad that I decided to document this month in a mini album, inspired by Kelly Purkey's April Twenty Ten album.  First up, here's the Halloween pics I promised:
My husband, the chef.
Dexter's victim.  I had to explain it a lot.  Who doesn't watch Dexter???
Trick-or-Treating with friends.
My little princess!

And here's the mini that I made to document the month of October:

I love how easy this mini was to put together.  All I had to do was keep scraps of everything we did and punched holes in them and into the book they went.  Couldn't be easier!  I definitely want to do another one like this sometime next year.  Alright November...bring it on!


  1. Looks like a fun Halloween! Love your mini album too!

  2. Your DD is so cute! I love the idea of a mini for October. I would have more for that month than I think for Dec!!!