Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who's a Winner? I am!

Guess who just scored a free Art Smith cookbook from Kitchen Keepsake...this girl!  I'm so excited!  I got it by referring my scrappy friends to the site.  If they signed up and put me as their reference, I got a point.  Whoever had the most points, won the cookbook.  A big thanks to Suzanne from Kitchen Keepsake for running the contest and providing the book.  Also, a BIG thanks to Rosalie, Penny, Emily (my mom...hehe...), Samantha, and Mary for checking out the site and signing up!  You ladies are awesome!  If you haven't checked out the site yet, please go!  Now!
Kitchen Keepsake

This week has been a crazy one.  My husband is doing a crazy mission session and is working 12 hour days.  And of course, this is the week that my daughter decides that the Terrible Two's need to kick into overdrive.  Ugh - is it Friday yet???


  1. 12's suck. I know personally LOL. CONGRATS on your book .. I have just started cooking again .. usually the man is always slaving but we take turns a lot now so I have had to bust out the cookbooks LOL

  2. Congrats Sarah! It's such a beautiful book! :-)