Monday, October 18, 2010

Disney on Ice - it's not just for kids

I LOVED it!  I was a really cool show.  Caylan loved it as well.  She just about lost her mind when Mickey and Minnie first came out.  And of course, she loved seeing all the princesses, especially Jasmine.  Seeing her face light up was priceless.  Some of the numbers they did included Alice in Wonderland, The Nightmare Before Christmas - this was my favorite.  Some of the villians from the movies were in this one.  They also did a really cool thing with Fantasia and the brooms.  The princesses had their own performance and then there was a cool "traveling" section where they went to Hawaii, Brazil, Japan, China and New Orleans.  At the end, they celebrated the holidays and that's when characters from Toy Story came out.  It was just such a cool show and I definitely recommend it if it's near you.  Here's some pictures I was able to get (sorry that some are blurry - it was a fast paced show!)
Caylan with her friends, Ashlee and Alli.

I gave up trying to get pictures after a while since most of the were just too blurry.  Thanks for looking!

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