Monday, October 11, 2010

"Scraps" Book

Today is the first day of Amy Tan's workshop that I'm taking.  Her first tutorial was to make these adorable books using your scraps.  GENIUS!  I would never have thought to do that.  I've seen them on her blog, but had no idea how to do it and now I do!  What a great way to use your scraps.  From what I understand, we'll be using these books throughout her class so I'm excited to see what they'll be used for.  I made two of them today (because they're so quick and easy to put together).  One for me and one for Caylan.  I brought my scrap file out...yes, I have a whole file system...and let Caylan pick out some of her favorite papers.  It was fun watching her choose.  Here they are.

Mine.  I used some brads to keep the vellum from curling up.


I'll keep posting about this workshop, but so far it's awesome.  I already have two little books made, used up a good amount of my stash, and it's only day 1!


  1. These are awesome! great job on your stitching!

  2. Love these! Nice job. I love how you made one with your daughter too. I have a two year old and am afraid he would just tear these up. might be fun for a travel coloring book though... hmmm... getting a couple ideas... :)

    Amiee (from Amy Tan's workshop)

  3. Hi, Great job. Those album are really cute. I still have not begin mine, im a kaos with the sewing machine.

    See you around

  4. Those are awesome journals! Love how you made one for your child.

  5. I like that you held down the vellum with brads- very cute