Monday, October 4, 2010

A little MIA, just a little.

Hi everyone!  Thanks for all of your lovely comments!  I really appreciate them and they make me smile!  I will be a little MIA this week as we have some friends from California staying with us for a few days.  Not to worry, I will be back on Thursday (my birthday, actually) with some pics and updates.  Hope everyone has a great week!

Also, remember that Kelly Purkey Sketchbook 2 class I took a while ago?  Well, she's just posted that she's selling the PDFs for her 2010 classes (including that one) on her blog.  This is the last time they will be available, AND they're 20% off the original price.  If you want some awesome inspiration, this is the girl to get it from!  I quickly purchased the Sketchbook 1 PDF since I missed the first class.  Hope you all can take advantage of it!


  1. hey sarah- your welcome email was send to Sarahbr18(at) perhaps it went into your spam? or just email me hello(at) with your correct email for the login info. thanks!!

  2. Have a wonderful team with your friends in! And really, keep trying with the DTs--it just takes time (or at least for me!).

  3. Hey! Didn't want to post this on SC (not sure about the policy there) but Midnight Rooster, a kit club, is having a DT call right now--you can just find 'em on Google and the details are on their blog:)