Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to School!

Well, it's back to school time.  Having a two-year-old, I can't really relate to this yet.  Therefore, I am living vicariously through my sister.  Her 5 year old just started kindergarten!  My little niece is growing up!  My sister asked me about doing a kindergarten scrapbook for her at the end of the year so my niece will have those memories of her first school year recorded.  What a great idea!  I gave her some pointers and I wanted to pass them on to you if you have school-aged children and wanted to do the same thing.

School Album Tips:
1. KEEP EVERYTHING!  Literally!  I suggest using a big storage box and throwing everything in there that they bring home.  You can go through it later and weed some stuff out, but you never know what will hold some sentimental value for you or for your kids.  Their handwriting and artwork will be great to use in a scrapbook.
2. Make sure you get those first day of school pictures.  The outfits, the bookbags, the bus much to take in!
3.  It's also fun to keep those school supply lists.  It will be fun to look back at it and see the difference over the years.
4.  Keep sports schedules, keep track of scores of their games, recital booklets, anything that they're involved in.  I wish I had kept more things from my high school years.
5.  Ask them about their favorite subjects, books, teachers, friends, lunches, anything about school.  It will be fun for them to look back on that.

Hope some of these tips helped.  If you want to get a scrapbook of your child's school year, please let me know and start collecting!


  1. Oh I love the idea about keeping the school supply lists. I've several boxes of memorabilia I need to sort through. Another tip - and maybe this is too obvious, but date everything as you get it or keep the boxes by grade. Some of us forgot to do that!

  2. Oh, great tip! Yes, definitely date things!