Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday everyone!  Thanks for stopping by again!  Last night was Studio Calico's reveal night.  It was worth all the hype!  I was on about an hour early and joined the live chat.  The only thing about that was there were so many people in the chat, that it was hard to keep up.  I kept getting lost in the conversations!  So right at 9:00, I switched over to order my kit.  Keep in mind, I was only buying the main kit!  No add-ons, no extras....I was going to stay strong!  Yeah, that didn't happen.  I got the main kit right away and went back "just to check the other stuff out."  Big mistake.  That Harvest Moon add-on went right into my cart.  Then, just one more looksy...the patterned paper the cart as well.  Oh Lordy.  I did spend more than I planned, but I know it will be worth it when I get that goody box in the mail soon!  I may just be on my way to becoming a subscriber.

Tonight is Date Night!  I'm so excited!  I'll be taking some good pictures (as good as I can get with my iphone anyway) and I'll post them tomorrow.

Now that my Sketchbook class is over (will post my final page tomorrow), I have signed up for a mini book workshop taught by Elise Blaha.  This girl is so talented, especially her mini books.  I'm really looking forward to making some creative books and branching out from my normal 12x12 layouts (which I love dearly, but needing something different).  The class starts on Monday, so I've cleaned up my studio and I'm brainstorming some ideas for cool books to make.  Anyone made any cool minis lately?  I'd love some suggestions!

P.S.  I just realized that registration for her class is closed.  I feel bad for anyone who hasn't heard of it before and would have liked to take it.  Next time I'll be sure to post any info a little earlier!


  1. So sorry we tempted you with all the extra SC goodies, but its like christmas when it shows up on your door step. make sure you subscribe and it will be christmas every month!

  2. happy you had fun shopping! It's hard to stay strong when there is so much good stuff isn't it?

  3. enjoy your date night!! so glad to see you in the chat. =)