Friday, August 13, 2010

Sketchbook 2 - Day 5 and a Freebie!

Ah, Friday the 13th....doesn't phase me one bit!  Probably because I've never seen the movies.  That's right, I've never seen a Friday the 13th  or a Nightmare on Elm Street movie.  I hate those things!  Scary, I can do.  But I hate the gore.  (Shivers)

Here is my page for the sixth day of my sketchbook class.  This one flowed very easily for me once I decided on the topic.  I recently went on a spending spree at my local scrapbook store and all the goodies I purchased are sitting on my desk just begging to be used.  I used some on this page!
I also received word that Simple Stories by Memory Works is giving away free downloads that complement their Ele.ment.ary line.  So cute!  I downloaded a bunch of them, so I'm excited to do some school themed albums.  If you or someone you know wants an album made for your child's school days (K-12), check out my page for details on how you can get one made by yours truly, The Scrap Angel.  They will be complete so all you have to do is add photos and journaling each year.  For all of you fellow scrappers who want to download this awesome's the link: Simple Stories.

As always, here are my weekend goals:
1. Grocery shopping today...bleh, but has to get done.
2. Make my page for day six's sketch.
3. Watch my latest West Wing DVD (last one of season 6).
4. Take some awesome pictures of my family.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. i've never seen those movies, either - so not a horror girl! love your page - esp the bits of memorabelia!