Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Help...head about to explode....too much creativity!

Whew, I have so much to do!  Today I received a nice little goodie package from The Dares.  They gave me a prompt and some supplies to participate and be featured on the their blog for Dare 169.  I looked through the supplies like a kid looks through their Halloween candy!  I imediately started brainstorming on my page.  It will be a fun one!
I also started putting together my mini book for my class I'm taking.  I love how quickly it's coming together.  Just a great little album I can put together and the memories are forever.  The album is titled "32" and it's a to-do list of things I want to accomplish in my 32nd year (which starts in a month).  I'm just waiting for my delicious little Studio Calico package to come (due Monday) to add some details that I'm planning on.  I struggled with whether to use pictures, but I wanted to really focus on my list.  Elise really gives great tips and sparks creativity!
And today I finally started my sister's baby quilt.  Ok...I ironed the fabric...but that counts right?  I'm using the rest of this week to get some of these projects finished up.  I have yet to start the WWII album, but I want to get all my deadline projects finished first so I can solely concentrate on that one.  But for tonight, it's time for a hot mug of passion fruit papaya tea and my very last West Wing DVD.  Good night!

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