Monday, September 27, 2010

Night Flights

Josh has a night flight tonight.  Which means he went in early afternoon and won't be home until late tonight.  Caylan and I were on our own for dinner tonight.  That means one thing:  GOING OUT!  I just don't cook when he's not home.  So we piled up and went out for a little girl time.
We are so lucky to have a few In & Out Burgers near us.  Can't get enough!

After dinner, Caylan wanted ice cream.  I don't say no to ice cream.

She was being so careful not to drip it.

We had a great girl night!  Now, it's time to tuck her in bed, curl up with a mug of tea, watch a few shows and knock out a good chunk of my book, which I'm REALLY enjoying.  Looking forward to a nice relaxing night and wait for my love to get home.

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  1. Oh my goodness I wonder if they have a Cold Stone here because girl you have me missing the states with this .. first time I ever had ColdStone was in Japan and now I want some LOLOL